Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Disney Cruise: Break-Fast!

Oh dear!

There's not much to eat on this ship.......PSYCH!


  1. LOL!!! That was so good DJ Rick!!! It was glad to see a video with you in it again!!! And it was also fun to see DJ Fabu again!!! Even through, he was really grumpy!!! He didn't say even hi to us listeners!!! P.S. Sauguese!! LOL like when you call us crazy saugues!!! Can't wait to eat all of that food on the cruise next year!!

  2. wow, i thought disney was a happy place. i guess that guy can replace grumpy in the 7 dwarfs. i mean i'd be honnored to be filmed by a complete stranger. even as strange as DJ rick (although i'm a bit strange myself so.......)

    happy holidays!!!!!

  3. dj ec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (awesome)December 12, 2007 at 5:00 PM

    yeah i would like some cereal.

  4. NO-ONE can serve you that much food and not have something against you! Was any of it poisioned? Are you too fat to move now? I THINK SOMETHINGS WRONGE HERE!!!! *stares at food* But I'll eat it anyway! *munch munch*

    I won't even ask if you had fun DJ Rick!


  5. I wish i was on the disney cruise. I LOVE Disney and I miss radio KOL.

    Miss radio KOL so much,

    DJ Dancing Dennis

  6. Mmmmmm....I'm hungry now. That food looks really good.
    That waiter guy looked confused when you turned the camera on him. LOL!
    Say hi to DJ Faboo for me!

  7. wow lots of food mmm... is it a buffey i love buffet however you spell it when i wen tot the great wolf lodge in Wisconsin dells they had buffet breakfast so mmmm..... it must have been good

  8. yummy, yummy... **drools all over keyboard** Now that's a Breakfast of Champions! lol :o)

  9. Food! Lots of food!!Yum.........

  10. DJ Lyssa...
    Yes - that Tony guy! What can I say? He takes his food - VERY seriously!!! And I am glad you don't mind me calling you a sausage. YAY!

    DJ alien...
    I agree - he's the 8th new dwarf!
    Frumpy? Lumpy? Or Dumpy?

    You too pal X

    dj ec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Milk or soy?

    DJ Jez said...
    I don't think anyone had a grudge against me be*****EXPLOSION*****ARGHGGHGHGHG! MY BELLY HAS JUST EXPLODED!!!!!!
    Oh - look a piece of toast has just popped out - YUM...munch...anyone got any jelly?

    DJ Dancing Dennis...
    Sir - I miss you guys too (and even the Disney Cruise Ships - MAGIC & WONDER - miss you (even though they are technically innanimate objects)).

    DJ Rainbow...
    Yes - believe me - I managed to confuse ALOT of waiters. DJ FABU says hi and salutes you all!

    Mmmmmmm buffet!! I want more BUFFET! I must find this lodge you talk of. Wait - it's run by Wolves?? Well that's not very sanitary is it??? EEuuurgh!

    dj maryboo said...
    I will fax you some food, lady X

    Oh really? I hadn't!!!

  11. Disney Cruise! That is sooo my dream. I have a question 4 U. How much was it to go there. And how many days did U stay. And where did U visit.

  12. LOL!!! Yea, DJ Fabu being serious!!! He acts serious all the time, even when he was on Radio KOL!!!

  13. No wonder why lot of people are fat....NO! I DIDN'T MEAN YOU! NO! PLEASE, DON'T!!!!! (gets attacked by Rick's new anti-hamster bodyguard...wait......I'M NOT A HAMSTER!!!!!)

  14. Hey DJ Rick!! LOL!! Loved the vid!! Especially the end. Just so ya kno ive been on the disney cruze b4 and it is sooo fun!! But i would NOT recomend eating right b4 the ship starts moving! Major groos factor =P. Again loved the vid DJR hope to see another 1 of ur vids soon!

  15. That guy was so mean to you rick. I wonder why? He must have been in a bad mood or something, don't worry! How could anyone ever get mad at YOU?! YOU ROCK!