Monday, December 10, 2007

The Disney Cruise Shoot!

Friends! My pals at DCL (Disney Cruise Lines) forced me to have FAR too much fun aboard the Disney Wonder as part of a film they wanted me to make. Here's just a snippet (ow - that was painful!!). DJRX


  1. what show or movie are you doing also cna or if get me a copy also monkeys llove chicken so just send me some insted also i like th enothing part that was asome

  2. Hey TTT!
    It's a promo for Disney Cruise Lines - that they're gonna mail out to people in 2008. The chicken is in the mail.

  3. Ooo! The nothing dessert looks gooooood. Can I have some nothing? Please?

  4. Haha! I loved the Nothing part! That's amazing! Did you eat Nothing?

  5. this is 1000000000000% awesomeness.

  6. That's really good.

  7. Oh...Dj Rick, you should go in a movie. Movies are fun!!!! I was in a movie once, I was only an extra though. But, then again, it's gotta be hard to be famous. Nothing is personal....Anyway, you would be awesome in a movie.....I mean british people always make movies better, especially if their name is Rick Adams!!

  8. Dj Famous Toilet TomDecember 11, 2007 at 7:44 PM

    Yo Rick. Remember my band? Well we made a song for radio KOL and we are playing it out in my garage this weekend. its sorta like a concert telling people to help ou. it wont do alot but it will get people attention. If more people complain the more service we get. Peace out my home boy... O-o forget the last part

  9. ###brace### face###December 11, 2007 at 9:52 PM

    omg rick will you be sure to order me some NOTHING it looks delicious . is it made of chocolate because i love me some chocolate

  10. The Classic SomebodyDecember 12, 2007 at 12:46 AM

    Love it Rick.

    Maybe it'll be all your fault, I mean all of your pursuance, for my family to go on a Disney Cruise next year.

  11. Looks like you had lots of fun, despite the dodging danger left and right. LOL Glad to see you were still alive, to post some pictures of your adventure. Will you post the Disney thing you did once its done? Plz.... :o)

  12. I never knew you had such neat fudge handwriting! lol

  13. DJ Rainbow said...
    NOTHING coming right up!!!! LOL!

    DJ Jez...
    I did indeed - and I have to say I was suprised at how chocolatey nothing tastes like!!

    dj ec...
    Awww (blushes) I smell Emmy (phew Emmy - put some deoderant on!! LOL).

    DJ Lyssa...
    Thankies Lyssa-Lady X

    dj Yin Yang said...
    WOW! WHat movie were you in Yin Yang? Do tell! And thanks for the great compliment! Actually - if you buy the latest Bratz DVD Movie and look in the deleted scenes you will see a Richard you might know...

    Dj Famous Toilet Tom...
    Genius!!! Send it and I will post it on my site!!!! YOU ARE WICKED!!! WAHOOO!

    ###brace### face###...
    More NOTHING coming right up!!!

    The Classic Somebody said...
    That's it Classic Somebody - look into the Disney light...that's it....keep coming....soon you will beeeeee onnnn a cruiiiiiseeeee - lol!

    DJ Maryboo...
    You got it Maryboo - once it's done you'll see the fun - I promise!!! X

    DJ Nutcaseee...
    Well shucks - I don't like to boast....:)

  14. dj ec...
    Awww (blushes) I smell Emmy (phew Emmy - put some deoderant on!! LOL).

    & what is this supposed 2 mean!!! have i ben insulted!

    lol jk

  15. You are welcome DJ Rick!!

  16. Dj Rick- I was in Underdog, but unless you were in that movie, I don't think you'd know where to find and that thing on the Bra-*throws up* sry the Br-*throws up*. The B-*throws up*. I'm sry Rick, I'd love to watch you in, but the way I feel about bra-*gags* is like how you feel about hamsters....sry. Guess you can't please all your fans all the time.....