Friday, December 14, 2007

Rick In The UK: Beanbag Slug Attack!

Not long after I took the last video (apologies for wiping my nose without a tissue - HOW RUDE!) I was suddenly attacked by a beanbag slug. It got me round my neck and caused me to relax unreasonably. DOUBLE-HOW-RUDE!!!!! Could this be the rise of a new and evil arch enemy?



  1. looks more like a beanbag leech to me with the black color and all (but that's just me)

  2. Triple-How Rude! How could something just...make you COMFORTABLE like that?! *gasp* Disgusting...

  3. Yah!!!! DJ Rick is back home in England!!! We still miss you back in the United States!!!

  4. Hi! I love the train! I hope u get a show again!

  5. ###brace### face###December 14, 2007 at 9:21 PM

    rick i haveaslug too should i be worrried that it is so relaxing or should i beat it silly with a bag of marshmallows

  6. rick rick rick its not bean bag beans its 3 little fat squishy hamster eating your nerves system in your neck to make you relax while you get hamsters start living in you and eat you alive and make you play hamster dance

  7. very funny DJ Rick!!!!!! L O L

  8. DJ alien:...
    JUST a beanbag???? How dare you!!!
    That slug is a master of disguise.
    The other day I saw him hosting a show on the Gameshow Network!!!

    DJ Jez...
    Well, DJ Jez - when you get to my age....

    DJ Lyssa...
    I am here in the land of warm tea and scones. It's REALLY COLD AND GREY. I haven't seen the sun since I landed. I wanna come back....X

    Thanks McGranny, I made the train myself out of a dish cloth and some badgers! X

    ###brace### face###...
    Beat it NOW - a premptive strike before it hits you!!

    ttt said...
    Nooooo! Well atleast that explains my rather sudden interest in climbing inside wheels and eating nuts!!! ARGHGGGHHG!

    My pleasure!

  9. dj ec!!!!! (wishes radio kol was back)December 15, 2007 at 12:51 PM

    ahh! they sell those things at the store!!!!!!! they're taking over the worldd!

  10. You're not THAT old DJ Rick! ...are you?

  11. omg we need to get umm come on peopel we need ideas to fix rick

  12. DJ Rick you loook comfyyy.....

    I've been feeling sick lately so maybe I should get me one of those lol

    Chugga Chugga Chooooo Chooooooooooo!

  13. At least the slug was warm though... could've been alot worse, it could've gave you an instant-massage! .. lol

  14. I know how you feel by the cold weather, it gets to 34 Degress at 6:30 in the morning when I have to leave to go to the office (other words as school!!!) But don't worry, the sun will come back soon!!

  15. Uh...Rick...have you seen your doctor lately? Not your actual doctor.

  16. i love kol and do you have to have muney on your cretit card