Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rick In The UK: OK....those are big!

Well my friends. If you have a big christmas tree then you'll really need these....


  1. I'm sure we have SOMETHING bigger than that DJ Rick!
    Are you having fun? I think you're having fun. You ARE having fun!

    I'm still waiting for that picture of your friend and his stuffed animal heads on plaques!

  2. woooooow! those ornimets must be on godzilla's tree. hhhmmmmmmm.....
    then does that mean godzilla, mothra,ronan, megalon, gidorah, and all them give each other gifts? for candy they grab candy stores, for toys, they grab toys r us, the list could go on rick!!!!!

    woah!!!!! did i have some kind of low-budget movie zone-out there?

  3. omg i was on ur site and this vid.just popped up, but isn't it like 2 am or something here?

  4. Actually my Christmas tree is bigger. It takes up the whole state of Maryland, you wouldn't know cuse ur not here.

  5. wowwwwwwww.

    have a holly jolly christmas!

    we gotta see a picture of you in bed waiting for santa with your teddy bear!

    and eric the spider

  6. Haha, Did you say Christmas bobbles? That is too funny, I love it. You sure told us DJ Rick. Not only does England have bigger Christmas, they have funnier names for things! Bring back some big bobbles with you! LOL :o)

  7. Wow!!! Those "balls" are really big!!! England does have alot of stuff, and those "balls" are ornadments". Guess what?? Today was my last day of school cause tommorow is the first day of christmas break!!! But we have to go back to school on Janurary the 3rd. :(


  9. random question: Have you ever rode the ride superman? I have, well, I was forced to. We saw it from the front of the park (it was a school field trip) and I asked her (cuse she understands a little) "Do you want to ride that?" I was expecting no, but when they asked who wanted to go on she raised her hand and then raised mine. I sat next to her and the first drop (the biggest, AGH!)took a long time to get up and I was singing on the way up, "Don't look down...Don't look downnnnn...Don't look down. WHat do we do, we don't look down!!!!" and my friend was laughing at me. Of course I did look down and nearly fainted because the people down below were smaller then ants. Then when the roller coaster went down, I felt like I was going to fall out and I was screaming so hard and hugging my friend. Lol, it was fun.

  10. wow big ornaments cool no wonder your eyes are wide open lol nice can you show us your christmas tree

  11. I''ve seen bigger!

  12. ahh noooo! Proof the world is shrinking!!! Run DJ Rick ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

  13. 2nd random question of the day (it's worth 100 dollars): What is the hour difference in Uk? do do do do do do do do do do do do dooooo do do do do do dooo doooo do do...any time now folks!

  14. I just saw Spamalot. "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elllllllllllldeberries."

  15. DJ Jez..
    Oj yes pal - I sure am - and will have that pic of my pals animals for you soon!

    DJ alien....

    You are correct!!! That is EXACTLY what they do!!! How did you know that???

    Dj Yin Yang...
    Oh yes - it's very (yamn) late....(BURP!!!)...OOOPS! SORRY!

    Dj Yin Yang...

    Dang it...the moment I step away from the U.S.A. and you do THAT!!

    dj ec...

    Me in bed in my PJ's waiting for Santa? I don't want to make people sick....

    DJ Maryboo...

    How dare you laugh at my bobbles?
    But as long as you don't laugh at my baubles - we can still be friends, lol X

    DJ Lyssa...

    Happy Christmas Break lady!
    Sorry you have to go back to school so sooooooon X


    Yes.....yes they are X

    Dj Yin Yang...

    Woah - the superman ride?
    What about the Lex-Luthor Ride?
    It's evil and when you go on it your hair falls off....

    Ummm - no offence but my tree is SOOOO big we couldn't fit it on the camera ;)


    How dare you!!! My tree will come round to your place and beat up YOUR tree!!!

    dj nutcaseee...

    I will not let it take me noooooo [SOUNDS OF RICK GETTING STUCK] THHHHWWWWACK!! OWWWW!
    Oh no! I appear to be stuck in a key hole!!!!

    Dj Yin...

    LOL! It's 5 hours difference (from the East Coast of the U.S. and 8 hours from the West).


    Do I get $100?????


    Dj Yin Yang...

    YAY! I love that show!
    "I blow my nose in your general direction!!!"


  16. Wrongo rickadoodle, it's "I fart in your general direction"

  17. It's ok DJ Rick!!!!

  18. omg i know whats inside them!you know the fake hamsters in the other video ..well inside those freakisly large ornaments are .thats right....GIANT MUTANT HAMSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!1 RUN FOR YOUR LIFE RICK!

  19. Looks like you need a shave....or maybe that's just the lighting...*awkward silence* uhh...right.

  20. it's very 'yamn' late? You don't mean the word that..like spelled a bit off then it....uh..right. I think you know what I mean and I'm sure that's not what you meant....is yamn even a word? I mean Rick you of all people wouldn't put that word on....I'll stop....*in little kid voice* I'm sorrrrweee, don't hurt me

  21. but where is the christmas tree ?