Thursday, December 6, 2007


So here I am on the road from Fort Lauderdale where I visited a very sick member of my family...on the way to Orlando I get to taste the delicious Floridian Air! YUM!


  1. lol, The air in the car always tastes and smells funnyy...unless it's a new car. New car smell is good.

    Yay DJ Rick is wearing his seabelt! Good safetyyyyy. :]

  2. Air does taste awful

  3. Huh?? I don't get it?? But you can't taste the air, it is not possible, and I don't get it how it is funny??? i am soo confused!!!

  4. It tastes funny? Really?
    DJ Rick I'm so curious! What are you doing now that KOL is over?

    I miss the show immensly! (YES! I spelled it wrong!)


  5. air does taste funny thats why they make oxegen bars to get flavord air

  6. Eh. No fair. It's all sunny and warm-looking down there. Up here (Maine) it's cold and we have a foot of snow.

  7. you're supposed to drive and not take pictures of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wait until i tell your mommy you wern't keeping your eyes on the road and how you were up at 12:27 am!!

  8. i no air does taste funny so thats why im moving to th moon no air ther love dj rimix

  9. You are weird!!!!

  10. i tells ya it's those hamsters rick. they're up to something big see? forming this whole conspiracy........see? they've filled the air with some kind of special hamster gas that they expell from the hair on their bodies!!!!!! it's a CONSPIRACY!!!!! no! where are you people taking me? what's this jacket you put on me that's so straight i can't break free? hey! a truck!......wait!i'm going to the looney bin!!!! i'll fix that air once i get out rick but oh well. lol (the comments i leave; what will i come up with next?)

  11. DJ Nutcaseee:Oh yes - safety first...then second....then third...

    Dj Yin Yang: Yes - but atleast it's non-fattening (unless you live in LA with the smog).

    DJ Lyssa: Then...smell the roses (I know the Roses - they are a smelly family...JK!).

    DJ Jez: Thank you for spelling immensely wrong. I am now spelling trouzers completely wrong in your honor! I am up to mischief pal - just come back from working for Disney though...

    ttt: Correct looney :P

    DJ Rainbow: Yes sorry about that..

    dj ec: Ermm..hello? I have the world's smallest camera person with me at all times, Ted Tiddly (please don't tell your Mummy - I don't want to be grounded AGAIN!).

    dj rimix: LOL - good move. As long as you don't try to eat Clowns (they taste funny also).

    Anonymous: You couldn't be more right!

    DJ alien: You crack me up. I will come in to see you when visiting hours

  12. At least you can actually smell roses instead of air!!

  13. *sniff* ha *sniff* haha *sniff* hahahahahhahahahhahahahhahaahahhahah *inhales deeply and then falls over*

  14. phew! i'm out of that stuffy nut hole. now i can work on my serum to counteract the hamster invasion!!!!!!! this serum will make the hamsters go bald thus making florida's air taste like popcorn!!!!! one more drop and.....

    "he's making super acid! get him!!! go go go!!!! i geuss he hasn't learned his lesson."

    "no!!! i just got out!!! i don't want to go back there!!!! at least make me listen to the hamster dance for 3 straight hours. i beg you!"


    *3 hours later*

    "ok, your free"

    no more ~~~~no more.

  15. WHY DO I KEEP CLICKING ON MY BROTHER'S GMAIL ACCOUNT???? All the things that say Jamie, are me, dj YIn Yang

  16. Who Taste Air!?
    no seriously who?

    sucks to be u Rick Admas

  17. DJ Lyssa...
    Those stinky roses - lol

    Jamie? Jamie? Stay away from the light! STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT!!!

    DJ alien...
    Let me know where you are and I will send my best Doctor. It sounds like you need help (your posts are FRICKING HILARIOUS!!!!).

    Dj Yin Yang...
    Um - also need a visit from my Doctor!!! LOL

    Dj.Dean Winchester said...
    I prefer the word,"SPECIAL"


  18. Urgg,, how dare you DJ Rick, JK, but Roses smell beautiful!!!