Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Has DJ Rick got lost in the jungle?
Brian The Butler has the latest news - FINALLY!


  1. Dear God. What was THAT. :|

  2. i loved that post it was great or gr8

  3. wow it's a green screen. Completely fake. You're just in ur basement or something....

  4. uhhhhhh.........how exactly did you get into a jungle??

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  6. Its not green screen
    Its cartoon
    its DJ Rick Butler :) :)

  7. Wow that was...creepy.
    But I don't care because you've...sort of returned! Seriously, man, I was close to giving up! That said...
    Reply to my emails!
    Get a new show!
    Don't get eaten!
    And never try to dance with a kangaroo! 0.o
    Miss ya Rick!

  8. What ever happend to radio kol??? I loved it.:( I'm sad that it's done. That was really weird... anyway:D

  9. rick rick rick of the jungle, watch out for that tree

    *swings on vine and has the song i believe i can fly playing in his mind*

    "hey! an albino slug!......ut-oh!"

    *goes through a hologram of a tree*

    what the-



  10. DJ Alien! Spooky - it's like you were there with me!!! LOL! Hello gang! Thanks for your comments! I'm (almost) back! DJRX

  11. Nellie!
    The Evil Galactic Radio Empire swallowed it up!!!
    I am not captive on a freighter headed from Alderaan.
    "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi - you're my only hope!"

  12. Hey thanks James and all the gang :)

  13. Hailey from Wilmington N.C. not D.W.!!!May 15, 2008 at 8:40 PM

    Whoa! DJ Rick, you had 4 comments by you... I think thats a record! Anyway miss you and the show. Reply to my emails! Also, where exactly are you?? Have you taken your medication lately, cause with all these crazy posts, you need to!! Love ya!! Also, CAN I PLEASE HAVE A DJ NAME! THANKS

  14. hope your new show comes soon because nothing can replace dj rick. :( also i suscribed to your tracker feed (via RSS)- D.J Stephens
    p.s: i made a radio kol funeral video on youtube and aol ACTUALLY PUT IT ON THEIR VIDEO SITE!!! XD

  15. DJ Dancing DennisMay 20, 2008 at 7:34 PM

    Bob the Butler's cool. Does he like hamsters?

  16. I'm so glad your back! I had forgotten about you actually until now! I'm so glad i remembered!

    ~ dj yin yang

  17. Dj Rick you finally sent some informationn!

    *dj nutcasee thinking*
    Dj rick got eaten! or maybe he's hibernating for the summer! no.. then it'd be winter! oh then christmas is around the corner! but my birthday's coming up so my birthday's on christmas?!!?.... i better go buy some coconuts.

    I was going crazy, but you're back!.. in a kinda-sorta-maybe type of wayy. =D

  18. Hailey?

    More like "DJ Hailey!!!"
    Awwww yeahh! I know - I'm getting good at this eh? LOL! I will certainly be attacking emails next!!
    I am back home in the U.S. of A - about to launch countermeasures and move to LA!
    Love ya too, DJ HAILEY!!

    d.j stephens....
    Yes working on it - hope I can get something up and running too! Very funny about the videos!!! LOL

    dj dancing dennis said...
    Yes - DDD - he does love Hamsters - it's a weakness but he's not bad! Missed you, Sir!
    Hope you are well :)

    DJ Yin Yang!
    Thankies! I'm so glad I'm back (and front) too.
    You know - it's been so long that even I forgot about me!!! LOL!
    Luv ya!

    dj nutcaseee said...
    Quick buy the coconuts - but wait - be careful! The wild variety nip your fingers!!!
    Hippy Burpday tooddle you!


  19. OMG Brian the Butler!! Wow!! Hamsters attacking DJ Rick!!! Oh no!!!!!!! I can't believe it!! I hope everything is ok, and the last line that Brian said made me laugh!! DJ Lyssa

  20. omg that was so very lol to u djrx lol lol.....and to that loser that u did that on green will s!@#@# him =]

  21. look dj rick i just think you are a dumbo who thinks they are all cool cause they are on the computer